How Design Thinking can boost Frugal Innovation

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Frugal Innovation is optimizing the use of resources in development, production and delivery or by leveraging them in new and different ways. Frugal innovation results in dramatically lower-cost products and services. To successfully achieve the desired results of frugal innovation, Design thinking could be a crucial tool. 1. Empathize the focus society Frugal Innovation is about solving problem for people … Read More

Simplexify ideas to drive Innovation

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Simplexify ideas to drive Innovation

Innovation ideally should be “Simplifying complexity”, but unfortunately it is turning up to “Complexifying simplicity”. We live in an exciting time of unprecedented change across a multitude of dimensions. In this ever-changing environment, Innovation is one of the most popular buzzword globally. Innovation has become an essential marketing tool for the organisations to position their products and services. Understanding what … Read More