Simplexify ideas to drive Innovation

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Simplexify ideas to drive Innovation

Innovation ideally should be “Simplifying complexity”, but unfortunately it is turning up to “Complexifying simplicity”. We live in an exciting time of unprecedented change across a multitude of dimensions. In this ever-changing environment, Innovation is one of the most popular buzzword globally. Innovation has become an essential marketing tool for the organisations to position their products and services. Understanding what … Read More

The rise of idiallectuals

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Recently a study by Yale Psychologist suggest that “Searching the internet for information gives people a ‘widely inaccurate’ view of their own intelligence.” Search engines like Google or Bing make people think they are smarter than they actually are because they have the world’s knowledge at their fingertips, psychologists at Yale University have found. Browsing the internet for information gives … Read More


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Creativity is thinking of something new. Innovation is the implementation of something new. We are in a time of unprecedented change. Innovation is about staying relevant in that constant changing environment. As a result, what may have helped to be successful in the past could potentially be the cause of their failure in the future. There is a need to … Read More

Happy Equinox

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Equal day and equal night or, Equal white and equal black or, Equal beer and equal whisky! choice is yours guys Happy Equinox!